B. D. Satoskar

B. D. Satoskar (Devanagari:बा.द. सातोस्कर or बाळकृष्ण दत्तात्रेय सातोस्कर) (26 March 1909 – 27 November 2000) is an historian, freedom fighter, publisher and journalist from the state of Goa, India. He was born in Mashel village of Goa. Satoskar has authored many books in Marathi as well as Konkani. He is best known for Gomantak prakriti ani Sanskriti(Goa:Nature and Culture,volumes I-III), an encyclopedic work on history and culture of Goa and the Goans.This work was republished on occasion of his birth centenary, in March 2009. (Source)


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